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From Bondage to Freedom

She Is Safe

Michele Rickett is a survivor and thriver who leads She Is Safe, an international ministry that frees thousands of girls, women and families in the hardest places and equips them to build new lives. She is a consummate storyteller, leading listeners into the realities, redemptions and remarkable new lives of thrivers. Together, we’ll gain insights for our own lives as we walk alongside courageous ones who have transcended through Christ.This podcast celebrates overcomers and advocates and inspires us to become all that God is shaping us to be in order to contribute to a strong future. If you are justice-oriented and want to learn from the true stories of crimes against women and girls, and how they have transcended, this podcast is for you. You’ll enjoy these inspirational, uplifting and informative episodes that offer biblical perspectives highlighting God’s heart on the issues and His redeeming, empowering pathway forward for us and those we care about. Ultimately, this podcast aims to contribute to those who are at high risk of abuse and slavery to see them build lives of freedom and faith for a strong future.